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Town Hall Seattle: Arts & Culture Series

Town Hall’s Arts & Culture series elevates the voices of local artists while bringing world-renowned cultural icons to Seattle audiences. The series celebrates music, photography, sculpture, philosophy, heritage, and traditions around the world that enrich our lives.

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Jun 12, 2017

Scott Hartley is a venture capitalist and startup advisor. He learned the terms fuzzy and techie as a student at Stanford University. Fuzzies major in the humanities or social sciences. Techies major in computer science. In our new world of big data and algorithms, it is often assumed that it’s the techies who drive innovation. But in The Fuzzy and the Techie, Hartley counters this assumption. He says that it’s actually the fuzzies—not the techies—who are playing the key roles in identifying the issues that need solving and imagining the best solutions for doing so. These left-brained thinkers are critical in bringing context to code, and ethics to algorithms.They also offer the so-called soft skills of management and communication that are so vital to spurring growth. Hartley, in conversation with Sophie Lebrecht co-founder of Neon, looks inside some of today’s most dynamic new companies, reveals breakthrough fuzzy-techie collaborations, and explores how such collaborations are at the center of innovation in business, education, and government.

Recorded live at Town Hall Seattle Sunday, May 21, 2017