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Town Hall Seattle: Arts & Culture Series

The Arts & Culture series enriches our community with imagination and creativity. Whether reinventing the classics for a new audience or presenting an innovative new art form, these events are aimed at expanding horizons. From poetry to music to storytelling, this series leaves our audiences inspired, encouraged, and seeing the world with new eyes.

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Town Hall is a gathering place where ideas are planted and movements grow. It’s where we come together as a community to listen and be heard—to ask and answer the big questions facing our city and our world. Annually, we present hundreds of artists and scholars, and collaborate with more than 150 grassroots groups in our self-produced programs. Rooted in the belief that we all deserve a voice, our programming reflects—and inspires—our region's best impulses: creativity, empathy, and innovation. With our podcast series, we take one more step towards making our programming accessible to all. 

Apr 12, 2018

How do our bodies retain memory of the events they experience? How can we connect with the emotions and life-altering changes recorded within our physical selves? Local artists Neve Mazique and Nic Masangkay took the stage with Inside/Out Neighborhood Resident Jordan Alam to share original works of prose, movement, and music expressing how personal experiences are held within the body. They presented their narratives of life altering and intensely physical moments—from birth to violence—exploring how these events have impacted these artists physically, and how their bodies still carry changes that impact every encounter with the world.

Neve Mazique, fresh from their stunning one-person show “Bet Ya Ungodly Things” at Gay City Arts, incorporates dance, movement, and storytelling in their pieces. Their work uses magical realism and explores the intersections of living as a disabled black queer person.

Nic Masangkay, who has just released an EP “A Hundred Setting Suns,” creates  music and performance poetry that explores the challenging relationship to their own body as a queer Filipinx femme.

Writer, Doula, and Town Hall Resident Jordan Alam shares performance prose pieces, capturing moments of significant transformation—birth, experiences of violence, and life-altering change.

Recorded live at Rainier Arts Center by Town Hall Seattle on March 31, 2018.